• HAZMAT Shipping Limits
    Overnight / air freight is not available for any goods classified as Hazardous Materials, ORM-D Consumer Commodities, Aerosol spays, highly-flammable materials, high-VOC solutions etc.
    Should you select any shipping method other than FedEx Ground for orders containing such items, the shipping method will be down-graded to standard Ground service for those items.
  • Legal Restrictions for Lead Wheel Weights

    We are legally restricted from shipping a comprehensive line of lead-based items into the following states:

    New York
    New Jersey
    Maryland (eff. 1/2020)

    As each state's legal language is unique, we encourage you to investigate the laws of your local jurisdiction.

  • Covid-19 Update
    Please view the Myers Tire Supply statement regarding our business operations related to COVID-19 HERE
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  • Counteract Hub Pro HBCT16
    Counteract Hub Pro HBCT16
  • Myers 6-207 TPMS  Snap in
    Myers 6-207 TPMS Snap in
  • 10L Bead Bazooka 2
    10L Bead Bazooka 2" RAR
  • Myers Premium Tire Seal
    Myers Premium Tire Seal
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20001TPMS Ball Joint Cup 9066B
20003DILDill 1080K TPMS Service Kit
20004DILDill 1070K TPMS Service Kit
20036DILDill 1096K TPMS Service Kit
21027DILDill 1030K TPMS Service Kit
21029DILDill 1100K TPMS Service Kit
21030DILDill 1110K TPMS Service Kit
21032DILDill 2000K TPMS Service Kit
21037DILDill 2030K TPMS Service Kit
21102DILDill 1050K TPMS Service Kit
21106DILDill 1090K TPMS Service Kit
21113DIL21113DIL 6-139 TPMS Service
21117DILDill VS-70 Clamp-In Valve
21207TPMS Service Kit 2045K
21651Dill TPMS Adapter W/ 0.453"
21652Dill TPMS Adapter W/ Straight
21653Dill TPMS Adapter W/ Bent
21654Dill TPMS Adapter W DV545D