• Legal Restrictions for Lead Wheel Weights

    We are legally restricted from shipping a comprehensive line of lead-based items into the following states:

    New York
    New Jersey
    Maryland (eff. 1/2020)

    As each state's legal language is unique, we encourage you to investigate the laws of your local jurisdiction.

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  • Haltec TR 545D Valve 60 Degree
    Haltec TR 545D Valve 60 Degree
  • Nylon Mount/Demount Head
    Nylon Mount/Demount Head
  • EQUAL FLEXX B 10oz Case of 40
    EQUAL FLEXX B 10oz Case of 40
  • V2B Inflate Thru Valve Cap 50
    V2B Inflate Thru Valve Cap 50
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21003TPMS Sensor 20087
21076HUFHUF RDV024 Orange Valve Kit
21621TPMS Clamp In Valve 34000
21768HUFHUF RDV021 Silver Valve Kit
21769HUFHUF RDV022 Green Valve Kit
21770HUFHUF RDV023 Black Valve Kit
23700HUF RDE001V21 Sensor, 433MHz
23701HUF RDE002V21 Sensor, 433MHz
23702HUF RDE003V21 Sensor, 433MHz
23703HUF RDE004V21 Sensor,315MHz
23704HUF RDE005V21 Sensor, 433MHz
23705HUF RDE008V21 Sensor, 433MHz
23707HUF RDE011V21 Sensor, 433MHz
23708HUF RDE012V21 Sensor, 433MHz
23709HUF RDE013V21 Sensor, 433MHz
23710HUF RDE014V21 Sensor,315MHz
23711HUF RDE015V21 Sensor,315MHz
23712HUF RDE016V21 Sensor,315MHz
23713HUF RDE017V21 Sensor, 433MHz
23714HUF RDE018V21 Sensor, 433MHz
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