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  • Legal Restrictions for Lead Wheel Weights

    We are legally restricted from shipping a comprehensive line of lead-based items into the following states:

    New York
    New Jersey
    Maryland (eff. 1/2020)

    As each state's legal language is unique, we encourage you to investigate the laws of your local jurisdiction.

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  • Patch Bead Sealer, One Quart
    Patch Bead Sealer, One Quart
  • Myers Wheel Cleaner Wipes
    Myers Wheel Cleaner Wipes
  • Autel 20Pk SnapIn TPMS Sensors
    Autel 20Pk SnapIn TPMS Sensors
  • Lime Green Truck Tire Gauge
    Lime Green Truck Tire Gauge
Wire Brushes
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Myers #DescriptionQuantityCompare
31601Brush 3" Tire Buffing 3/8"AH
42009Brush Twist Wire 4x3/8,5/8-11
42013Brush 3" Encapsulated Narrow
42014Brush 3" Encapsulated Wire
42015Brush 3"x1/4" 3/8"AH .008wire
42016Brush 3"x1/4" 3/8"AH ..006wire
42017Brush 2" Plastic Encapsulated
42022Brush 3" Plastic Encapsulated
42024Brush 4"x 1" Sidewall 1/2"AH
42027Brush Hurricane Knot Wheel
420283" Skiving Brush With 3/8"AH
420304" Twisted Wire Brush
42035Brush 8" x 1-1/2" 2"AH
42038Brush 4" with 1/2" Arbor Hole
42042Brush 2"x1/4" 3/8"AH .0118wire
42082Brush 6" x 1/2" Twisted Wire
42117Brush Stem 1/2" dia.
42161Brush Stem 3/8" dia.
42162Brush 2" Rubber Encapsulated
44532Wire Brush 9036/1VAG3
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