• HAZMAT Shipping Limits
    Overnight / air freight is not available for any goods classified as Hazardous Materials, ORM-D Consumer Commodities, Aerosol spays, highly-flammable materials, high-VOC solutions etc.
    Should you select any shipping method other than FedEx Ground for orders containing such items, the shipping method will be down-graded to standard Ground service for those items.
  • Legal Restrictions for Lead Wheel Weights

    We are legally restricted from shipping a comprehensive line of lead-based items into the following states:

    New York
    New Jersey
    Maryland (eff. 1/2020)

    As each state's legal language is unique, we encourage you to investigate the laws of your local jurisdiction.

  • Covid-19 Update
    Please view the Myers Tire Supply statement regarding our business operations related to COVID-19 HERE
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  • MW 2769-22 Impact 1/2
    MW 2769-22 Impact 1/2" M18 Kit
  • IMI XACT Cleaner 32 oz.
    IMI XACT Cleaner 32 oz.
  • .25 oz Steel Tape Weight
    .25 oz Steel Tape Weight
  • Myers Tire Seal, One Gallon
    Myers Tire Seal, One Gallon
  • 6 Inch Round Mag Tray
    6 Inch Round Mag Tray
  • IR 231HA-2 Impact Wrench, 1/2
    IR 231HA-2 Impact Wrench, 1/2"
  • Myers Inflate Thru Valve Cap
    Myers Inflate Thru Valve Cap
  • Myers VT46 TPMS Tool Only
    Myers VT46 TPMS Tool Only
  • Counteract10oz Balancing Beads
    Counteract10oz Balancing Beads
Patch Plugs
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Myers #DescriptionQuantityCompare
140401/8" Pilot Wire Patch Plugs
140411/4" Pilot Wire Patch Plugs
140423/8" Pilot Wire Patch Plugs
14508Patch QPP 2, Box of 25
14509Patch QPP 3, Box of 25
89179Xtraseal 3/16" Patch Plugs
94340Vulcatek 1/8" Pilot Wire Patch
94341Vulcatek 1/4" Pilot Wire Patch
94342Vulcatek 3/8" Pilot Wire Patch
97030Ready Patch 1/8 Pilot WirePlug
97031Ready Patch 1/4 Pilot WirePlug
97032Ready Patch 3/8 Pilot WirePlug
97381Patch 1/8" Quill Combi
97382Patch 1/4" Quill Combi
98815Patch 1/8" Pilot Wire Plug
98816Patch 1/4" Pilot Wire Plug